Good news again! Yaer Hardware won the Top 10 Preferred Brands of the 17th AL-Survey

Date:2022-03-12   Views:825

On March 10, 2022, the 28th National Aluminum Door, Window and Curtain Wall Industry Annual Conference was held in Guangzhou Nanfeng International Convention and Exhibition Center. At the annual meeting, a grand award ceremony was held at the "2021-2022 17th AL-Survey Door, Window and Curtain Wall Industry Annual Large-scale Reader Survey and 'My Favorite Curtain Wall Project' Selection Activity" (hereinafter referred to as "AL-Survey")


AL-Survey is guided by the Aluminum Doors, Windows and Curtain Wall Branch of China Construction Metal Structure Association and organized by China Curtain Wall Network. Over many years, many powerful brands and new stars in the industry chain have been listed among them, and have been supported and recognized by the upstream and downstream of the real estate and construction industries.


This time, there are more than 280 companies (brands) in eight categories, including curtain wall engineering projects, hardware accessories, and sealants. Through online voting, the company's "popularity value" rating, expert word-of-mouth evaluation + design institute brand selection "recommendation" score, real estate company + construction unit product application "satisfaction" score. Finally, eight categories of awards including the preferred brand of hardware and the preferred brand of processing equipment were selected.


With its dedicated research and development, high-end quality, and the upgrading of products, technologies and services, Yaer Hardware finally stood out in the brand selection and won the Top 10 preferred brands of hardware.


The selection of "TOP10" provides a display platform for the Yaer brand that insists on high-quality development. Winning is the driving force and the beginning. Quality has always been Yaer's tireless pursuit. In the future, Yaer Hardware will continue to demonstrate the IP glory of the Yaer brand, continue to improve product research and development and innovation capabilities, build Yaer brand strength with products and technologies, enrich the product system, support the cornerstone of enterprise development, and be customer-oriented. Provide customers with High-quality products and services, innovative and enterprising together with strategic partners, and a win-win future!