Building Energy Saving

Date:2023-03-24   Views:347

Building energy saving, door and window hardware should not be underestimated!

The construction industry is a large carbon emitter in my country. According to the "China Building Energy Consumption Report 2020" issued by the China Building Energy

Conservation Association, the total carbon emissions of buildings nationwide in 2018 were 4.93 billion tons of standard coal, accounting for 51.3% of the country's carbon emissions. The production of building materials accounts for about 28%.

Therefore, under the background of the "dual carbon" goal, the construction industry is facing tremendous pressure for transformation. In the process of realizing low-carbon development of buildings in my country, effective energy-saving methods can play a leading and supporting role.

Doors and windows are the outer protective structure of the building, and their energy-saving performance directly affects the energy-saving performance of the building. As the accessories of the doors and windows, the quality of the doors and windows directly affects the energy-saving effect of the doors and windows when providing matching for the doors and windows. , High-quality door and window hardware plays an important role in building energy conservation, and the thermal insulation performance and sealing performance achieved by high-quality door and window hardware are crucial to building energy conservation.

Yaer hardware, every unique detail, is helping doors and windows to achieve stronger performance and helping buildings to save energy.
22MM width anti-theft extra wide buckle

Realize sound insulation, heat insulation, and ensure the sealing performance of doors and windows and super anti-theft.

Whether the doors and windows are energy-saving or not can not ignore the hardware. Although the hardware will not directly improve the energy-saving coefficient of the doors and windows, it will directly affect the energy-saving effect of the doors and windows.

If you want doors and windows to have more powerful performance and longer service life, and buildings to better realize green and energy saving, door and window hardware cannot be ignored!